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100% natural and unrefined

Himalayan Rock Salt

Hand mined deep within the foothills of the Himalayas

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Himalayan Rock Salt : Animal Salt Licks

Improve the health of your livestock with EARTH SALT LIFE's Animal Licks - made from 100% compressed Himalayan rock salt

An ideal source of minerals for horses, cows, buffalo, camels, sheep, goats and other pet, zoo and wild animals; this products is the healthiest option of its kind in the world.

Made purely of Himalayan rock salt, each animal lick is equipped with a higher nutritional value compared to those made of sea or white salt.

Animals have a natural affinity to eating salt, however EARTH SALT LIFE's Animal Licks:

  • reduce nervous and stressful behaviours – such as constant licking, chewing on fences etc;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • increase milk yields by 5-15%;
  • help develop shiny and healthy coats;
  • reduce drowsiness;
  • help harden hooves;
  • increase feed intake;
  • increase weight;
  • increase farm efficiency and productivity;
  • restore salt lost by sweating in hot climates; and
  • increase the threshold in which animals sweat with exercise.

All animal licks are uniform in their size and weight range.

Available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 22kg

animal licks

Earth Salt Life Himalayan Rock Salt Animal Salt Licks

DISCLAIMER – these salt licks are for ANIMAL use ONLY. Consult a professional about your animals’ diet if they show adverse reactions, or are consuming above average levels of salt.